This is how you prevent and treat skin problems due to home isolation

When it comes to your skin, stress is a real killer. It doesn’t have to mean you’re panicking all day long, but this situation is stressful for almost everyone. Suddenly working from home or no work at all, kids at home.. it all demands a lot from you. This quickly causes wrinkles and pimples due to the loss of collagen. Try clearing your thoughts and getting some exercise, this will quickly increase your collagen levels, and your problems will disappear.

Admit it, sitting at home affects your diet. You’re home all day, and you’re more likely to snack than in your normal working environment. Spicy food, coffee, dairy or, for example, sugar, can have a detrimental effect on your skin. Not everyone is sensitive to this, but try and figure out what’s causing your skin problem. Then drink enough water, and your skin will soon be radiant again.

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