How to cheaply and easily disinfect your phone

Microfiber cloth
This is actually a maintenance tip and will help you keep your phone clean. Wipe your phone down with a microfiber cloth a few times a day. That will get it looking clean, with a greasy fingerprint-free screen that bacteria are less likely to want to call home. Naturally, that will help cut down on the ailments listed above

Using a microfiber cloth is perfect for a quick clean in between, but your phone still needs a deep clean on a regular basis. The good thing? The best product is one you can easily and cheaply make yourself. Mix some rubbing alcohol with water. You’ll need a ratio of about 60% alcohol and 40% water. Moisten a cloth with this mixture and polish your screen with it. Once you’re done, dry your phone off. This is a crucial step in curbing bacterial growth. And… just like that, your phone has been disinfected!

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