Washing Curtains? Make them look like new again

Double check
Always check the curtain’s fabric and wash labels. It’s very nice if you can wash them yourself, but unfortunately some fabrics can only be dry-cleaned. Pay attention to this otherwise your beautiful and often expensive curtains can be ruined in seconds. If you know the material, you also know what temperature you can wash them at. Never wash them too warm because they might shrink.

Upper edge
Take the curtains off the rail and bundle the upper edges together using the hooks. Make sure they stay bundled together. You can do this using a thick pantyhose, washcloth or pillow case. The material you use should allow water to pass through. That way the upper edges get nice and clean, but the hooks can’t damage the washing machine and the rest of the curtains.

The easiest part of washing curtains is that you can just hang them back up to dry! Due to this they don’t get wrinkles. Make sure to open the window behind them and open the door, that way the moisture can escape the room. It takes a while until they’re dry, but your curtains will be nice and fresh for the coming year.

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