Easily remove green algae with these tips

2. Pressure washer
If you have a pressure washer it can effectively be used to remove green algae. An additional benefit is the fact that you do not need to use any products to remove algae. However the downside of using a pressure washer is that it can flush out the tile joints which, can result in tile subsidence which, causes weeds to grow back faster.

3. Epsom salts and soda
Epsom salts destroy all green algae using enzymes. Dilute the Epsom salts with lukewarm water and pour onto the patio. Scrub the patio with a broom to get rid of the algae. The next day rinse the patio with plenty of water and the algae is gone. Using soda works in the same way except that you rinse after two days and there is no need to scrub.

There are may ways to get rid of algae. What is your favorite method? Share this message with you’re friends!