What This Tiny House Looks Like From The Inside Is Impressive

Here, you can see a lovely two-person bed. You’d think that in a house of 27m2 , you wouldn’t be able to miss such a big bed. But under the bed, storage spaces have been installed, so that the space is used with maximum efficiency. Beside the bed, too, you find storage spaces, which are very useful despite the sloping roofs.

As you can see, everything is present. A kitchen with equipment, a television and even a second floor for the bedroom. Despite the small living space, the designers have made the house seem bigger by creating a separate floor for the bedroom.

We think this a really great house. It is amazing how you can live with two people on just 27 square meters. It allows you to save a lot of money on your mortgage, money that is better spent on saving up for a more comfortable retirement.  These photos once again show that bigger is not always better.

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