What this tiny white house looks like on the inside is special

When this architect shared his plan with a construction company, nobody expected this as the end result! The architect, Rob, was searching for properties he could sell to people who were unable to afford to buy a regular house or apartment. Susan was alone and thus had insufficient equity and salary to be able to take out a loan from the bank or mortgage provider, which meant she had to live in student housing.

When Rob helped her with his plan, Suzan was immediately surprised. Nobody expected the interior of this tiny, white house!

Thanks to the architect, it was possible for Suzan to buy this tiny, white house, equipped with air conditioning and sustainable construction that would allow her to live there for years to come. In addition to being able to afford this tiny house, the big advantage is that there is no need for a large mortgage. This means that Suzan’s monthly living expenses are very low.

Nobody could have dreamed up this interior! Check out what the interior looks like on the next page!