Clean Your Window Frames In Just 2 Minutes

I never expected this trick to be that easy! When we had bought our first house from the real estate agent and notary, the cleaning could start. The frames of the windows were very dirty and difficult to clean until we found this cleaning trick! This tip to clean your window frames saves you a lot of time and money. The costs of repairing or replacing window frames can be high. A construction company or carpenter easily charges hundreds or thousands of euros for replacing window frames. By properly cleaning your window frames a few times a year, you can prevent these enormous costs!

There are different types of frames such as: wooden frames, aluminum frames or vinyl frames. For each type of frame we have described, in detail, the best and quickest way to clean it. You probably already have most cleaning products at home. Curious about how you should proceed? Then quickly check on the next page how you can clean window frames!